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"You must be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Your donation will contribute to meeting the needs of the most impoverished: work, food, education, awareness building, health care. Your financial support is an investment in dignity, freedom and equality, for the greatness of humanity.

Coastal Conservation, Education Project and Research

One of the objective of Catamaran is to promote the protection of marine biodiversity, coastal wildlife through community education and research

The project's vision is to create a coastal conservation model which ensures the sustained utilization of marine and coastal resources through community involvement, management and research.

  • Identification and survey
  • Dolphin and Turtle studies
  • Shell and shelfish studies
  • Sampling and monitoring of fish species
  • Bengal Bay hikes and land based studies
  • Monitoring and cleaning of beaches and coastal regions
  • Lectures in marine biology
  • Community development programmes
  • Educate school children and large public about marine wildlife and respect of biodiversity
  • Involvement in marine and coastal awareness campaigns

Conservation Value

The aim of the project is to produce a conservation model in Bay of Bengal, which can be utilized by the community to ensure sustained utilization of marine and coastal resources through improved management, research and education. You will assist in boat and land based survey projects where the data collected by you and your team is used to help ensure the long term survival of marine resources inhabiting the Bay of Bengal and to promote sustainable eco tourism.

Work with the Wildlife

By participating with a coastal research and education project, you will directly assist in working towards the programme's vision : to gather information on all marine resources inhabiting the Bay of Bengal, and to create, in partnership with the community, a conservation model to sustain marine and coastal resources through improved management, research and education.

Marine Research

  • Dolphin research using, identification, population size, movement patterns, individual and group associations, home range and habitat preference.
  • Dolphin, Turtles studies during their annual visit. Research studies familial relationships, their migratory paths and group dynamics.

Conservation Activities

  • Land based surveys involve hikes on the Bay of Bengal and pool studies.
  • Water analysis
  • Lectures on evolution, Dolphins, Turtles, shells physiology and anatomy, biodiversity, moon phases, tides, wind and the ocean.
  • Planting of indigenous trees and removal of alien species to rehabilitate land and minimise our carbon footprint
  • Maintenance of small aquariums at the centre, including collection of fish food and cleaning of aquariums.

Through community initiatives the centre aims to pass their knowledge of conservation on via:

  • Community projects to educate local children about marine wildlife and assist with beach clean ups. Community work includes education programmes and craft sessions with preschool children teaching the basics of conservation.
  • Organization of local and national marine and coastal awareness campaigns.

Upcoming Events + More

  • 12/06/2018 : Catamaran welcome you to improve your knowledge and skills on biodiversity and make a big difference in your life.

  • 12/06/2018 : Turtle conservation. Catamaran support the action of the government to save the Olive Ridley turtles.

  • 18/12/2016 : In Catamaran center organic agriculture training program is conducted for the guests.

  • 03/12/2016 : The Catamaran has settled one exhibition on Biodiversity!

  • 25/10/2014 : Catamaran is conducting a research on protection of safe water against all type of pollution, coastal and marine biodiversity conservations.

  • 23/04/2014 : Catamaran is promoting the protection of marine biodiversity, coastal wildlife through community education and research

  • 23/04/2014 : Catamaran is organising green schools around Marrakanam block. Government School children and teachers are sensibilise on organic kitchen garden, waste manageme...

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Vallathanam Kovil street,
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Villupuram District, 604303 Tamil Nadu, India.
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