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"You must be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Your donation will contribute to meeting the needs of the most impoverished: work, food, education, awareness building, health care. Your financial support is an investment in dignity, freedom and equality, for the greatness of humanity.

Turtles of the Bay

This Eco tour offers an excellent opportunities for education and awareness. They allow wildlife enthusiasts and school and college students to participate in and contribute to conservation programmes, and help in giving them exposure to key conservation issues and to learn the basics of wildlife research.

The objective is to learn, to understand, to respect the life of the sea turtles Olive Ridley we are meeting on the east coast of India.

Sea turtles have remarkable life styles, which makes them fascinating to both professional biologists and wild life enthusiasts. Leather backs are amongst the deepest diving vertebrates, going down below 4,000 feet deep in search of jellyfish, their favorite food. Olive Ridleys turtles are known for their arribadas, when several thousand or hundred thousand turtles come ashore simultaneously to nest. Sea turtles are air breathing vertebrates like birds and mammals but have returned to a near complete life in the water. Once they leave the beach as hatchlings, females will return to land only to nest and lay eggs; male sea turtles may never return to land at all. Most sea turtles undertake long distance migrations, as hatchlings and juveniles during a long pelagic phase in the open ocean, and as adults between their feeding and breeding grounds. On the east coast of India, Olive Ridley turtles are known to migrate to Sri Lanka and perhaps, beyond. What's more, sea turtles return to the beaches where they were born (their natal beaches) to nest. Sea turtles do not have parental care. The female turtle deposits the eggs on the beach and leaves the rest to nature. Nature worked pretty well for millions of years, but human related threats such as harvest of adults and eggs, incidental catch in fisheries, erosion, sand mining, beach armoring, lighting and predation by feral animals has had severe negative impacts on most turtle populations. Since most nesting beaches in India are affected by factors the ten danger nesting turtles, eggs and hatchlings, it is often necessary to have an appropriate conservation programme to safe guard these populations. However, it is important to first identify the source of the threat and evaluate the best approach to conservation.

Education and Awareness


Material or hand out with basic information is provided to visitors or participants on turtle walks. During turtle walks, clear instructions are provided on behavior, especially with regard tones ting turtles.


Participants must be acquainted with the particulars of sea turtle biology, conservation and management techniques. They are encouraged to read general articles and manuals on sea turtles, and directed towards more literature and websites. They are acquainted with the necessary techniques required for the conservation programme.

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Upcoming Events + More

  • 12/06/2018 : Catamaran welcome you to improve your knowledge and skills on biodiversity and make a big difference in your life.

  • 12/06/2018 : Turtle conservation. Catamaran support the action of the government to save the Olive Ridley turtles.

  • 18/12/2016 : In Catamaran center organic agriculture training program is conducted for the guests.

  • 03/12/2016 : The Catamaran has settled one exhibition on Biodiversity!

  • 25/10/2014 : Catamaran is conducting a research on protection of safe water against all type of pollution, coastal and marine biodiversity conservations.

  • 23/04/2014 : Catamaran is promoting the protection of marine biodiversity, coastal wildlife through community education and research

  • 23/04/2014 : Catamaran is organising green schools around Marrakanam block. Government School children and teachers are sensibilise on organic kitchen garden, waste manageme...

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